The perfect coffee table, as we all know it, is essentially the favoured furniture item for drawing your living space and your friends together. It offers functionality and esthetic value to your overall ambience. When it is one of our artful masterpieces, you can expect it to be a frequent conversation starter while entertaining. A well-decorated living room welcomes company with a lasting impression of your personal style. But the living room with one of our exquisite coffee tables is sure to welcome them with a lasting love!

Agua, by Barranco, is a jaw-dropping piece of art before it is a coffee table. Featuring a live edge black walnut slab, with an epoxy centre emulating a river, it is supported by galvanized steel plumbing pipes, and required over 40 man-hours to complete. Hand-crafted from start to finish, it is truly one of a kind. It represents the free flow of water; the driving force of all nature. The contrast of earth and water embodies the intricate relationship between man and this source of all life. Abundant for all, yet inaccessible for many, it aims to bring compassion towards the less fortunate. The Barranco family endeavours to raise awareness about this rising epidemic and is privileged to support the cause in part proceeds. Own a little piece of our dear earth; reach out to those on it; be a proud owner of a stunning piece today!

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Dimensions: 37″ long by 16.75″ wide by 1″ thick, 19″ tall

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