The perfect coffee table, as we all know it, is essentially the favoured furniture item for drawing your living space and your friends together. It offers functionality and esthetic value to your overall ambience. When it is one of our artful masterpieces, you can expect it to be a frequent conversation starter while entertaining. A well-decorated living room welcomes company with a lasting impression of your personal style. But the living room with one of our exquisite coffee tables is sure to welcome them with a lasting love!

Aquariums are some of the most impressive feats of engineering, capable of housing marine life of all sorts in thousands, if not millions, of liters of water. Going to the aquarium has become a thing of the past however, as more families furnish their homes with aquarium units. Aquariums have traditionally been found in large, shelf like contraptions due to filtration issues, but we decided to revolutionize that. We managed to create a design so elegant, and low to the ground, that it’s functional purpose is that of a coffee table. Achieved by implementing our unique hidden filtration system, with discrete piping and a false bottom pumping process, this piece is as stunning as it is impressive.

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