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The amazing quality of our products is attributed to two crucial factors, our process, and our materials. By using only premium, Canadian lumber and hardware, Barranco Handmade Furniture has successfully been able to stay local and make the most of Canada's bountiful lumber, while remaining focused on quality.

Why Should You Buy A Barranco?

Because we offer a bespoke service comparable to that of a tailor on Saville Row. Every aspect of your project is customizable, and you may choose how involved you wish to be. Whether it be providing detailed instructions and direction, or simply saying "Build me a table that will 'wow' me", we guarantee that you will receive a one of a kind piece which will impress for generations to come. Our products also act as pieces of art beyond mere functionality, with the goal of beautifying even the most simplest of items. Each piece tells its own story, and as corny as that may sound, our craftsmen are not only carpenters, but educated individuals from art schools across the country

A huge thank you to the Barranco team for the amazing TV unit they built for me. I can't even count how many complements I have gotten, and how many conversations it has started/saved! Definitely recommend getting a bespoke piece from them!
~ Client
Owner of the Fluir TV Shelf