Our Story

Barranco Handmade Furniture was founded in Toronto, Canada. Our goal is to create meaningful pieces of furniture that serve as works of art beyond mere functionality. Each piece is hand-crafted in Canada and perfected over time, producing objects of high quality and incredible beauty. Our process ensures that no two items are exactly the same so you may proudly own and tell a unique story with each new acquisition.


Barranco, Spanish for ‘ravine’, is an aptly named famous district of Lima, Peru. A land of stunningly raw topography, and home to many a renowned artist, began to inspire the earthy theme and craftsmanship of our furniture. Our goal is to create by hand, focal objects of ambience for your space that will timelessly capture and recapture your ethereal eye.




Barranco also refers to a wall trek on Mt. Kilimanjaro, known in all majesty, as the tallest freestanding mountain in the world. The wall is almost like a geographical cross-section of our earth in a cascading ascent. The climb plateaus at the most spectacular view to behold, a moment our very own founding artist recalls being utterly speechless for the first time ever. “If only you could actually carry that sight home enclosed within a single souvenir.” A desperate wish in Africa, followed by an instant flashback of the ‘Barranco’ in South America was a serendipity compelling enough to mark the birth of our companyname. And our mission was sentimentally sealed to bring earthy souvenirs in the form of furniture that speak to your Zen, and keep you connected to our beautiful planet in your own space.