The perfect coffee table, as we all know it, is essentially the favoured furniture item for drawing your living space and your friends together. It offers functionality and esthetic value to your overall ambience. When it is one of our artful masterpieces, you can expect it to be a frequent conversation starter while entertaining. A well-decorated living room welcomes company with a lasting impression of your personal style. But the living room with one of our exquisite coffee tables is sure to welcome them with a lasting love

Some pieces amaze though design, while others feature impressive ornaments, but sometimes the wood itself is more than enough. Such is the case here, where the entire focus and beauty of the piece is in the way the immaculate grain flows over the live edge of the black walnut slab. Held stable with classic hairpin legs and finished with oil to preserve the natural look of the wood, this coffee table is sure to impress.



Dimensions: 1.5′ wide by 3′ long by 2″ thick, 18″ tall.

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