Bespoke Conference Table

$3,300.00 $2,700.00

The conference table plays an extremely important role in the success of any business. It’s where first impressions are made and deals are closed. It represents what the company stands for, but most importantly, how it stands out. Many stores simply sell conference tables, Barranco sells the company’s image captured in wood. Using very precise CNC machining, we carve your logo into high-end maple wood and fill it up with your choice of coloured metallic epoxy. The wood is then stained in the colour and technique of your choosing. Trendy companies opt for a weathered rustic look, while sophisticated ones prefer careful brushstrokes and uniform colour. Mounted on your choice of legs, this piece is completely customizable to suit your company’s image. Featuring the option of various table grommets and adjustable dimensions, we guarantee that you will be left with a stunning, one of a kind conference table which is sure to impress.



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